Custom Patches

We specialize in custom embroidered patches

  • Iron On
  • Military
  • Biker
  • Police
  • Chenille
  • Boy/Girl Scout
  • Woven

100% Embroidered Emblem/Merrowed Edge

Merrowing is also available on 100% filled emblems.  This retains a rich look with the effects that police, military, and fire departments normally seek to be used for uniforms.

100% Embroidered Emblem/Stitched Edge

Emblem shapes can be filled 100% with thread for a rich look.  When embroidered all the way out to the edge, they can also have a fine border stitch which can still be heat cut for retaining a direct embroidered look when heat applied.

100% Embroidered Lazer Cut Emblem

With savings of 40% or more, LAZER emblems are a smart alternative for easy, fast, and profitable garment decoration that give a more than perfect direct embroidered look!

Felt Patch/Merrowed Edge

Another backing which is quite popular is felt.  It creates a lush appearance and is still inexpensive.

Stick-on Emblems

Stick-ons are a perfect item for temporary/non-permanent use on many types of items.  Well suited for trade shows, crafts, recognition, group identifiers, and promotional give aways.

Twill Patch/Merrowed Edge

This is the most economical style patch since background stitching is reduced.  Merrowing is used since most patches of this type are used for traditional uniform application.

Twill Patch/Merrowed Edge/Blank

Minimum order accepted is 500 pieces.  

You may select any size or color combination up to 5 designs.  

Twill Patch/Stitched Edge

By using twill backgrounds, a more economical price can be reached.  A stitched edge is used when a better quality finish is desired.  It is also necessary when there are sharp turns or edges in the outside of the design.