Lextra Flocked Heat Transfers

500 piece minimum

Lextra Flocked Heat Transfers—the original graphics product, Lextra Transfers fill the gap between embroidery and screen printing embellishment of logos and decoration for shirts, shorts, hats, bags and more. Lextra Transfer options include:

  • Lextra (all-flock) Heat Transfers —richly-textured Lextra provides a 2-dimensional graphic that is both comfortable to wear and pleasing to the touch.
  • Lextra 3-D Flock Heat Transfers —add the exclusive embroidery-like high-sheen ObiTex® insert textile for a unique mixed-media graphics effect.
  • Lextra 4-D Flock Heat Transfers —add a 4th dimension of sublimation dye printed images on the ObiTex Inserts to create even more complex, compelling and dimensionalized graphics for product differentiation, anti-piracy protection and more.
  • NEW: LextraMax Transfers —new LextraMax Flock Heat Transfer construction is less than half the weight and thickness of original Lextra Transfers and may be used for more demanding, industrial type applications.